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The Power of Yes!

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Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

The universe is abundant. Truly, it is. Yet, we separate ourselves from its overflow with doubt, questions, buts, resistance, judgments, beliefs. It is our collective inheritance to be lost in the consciousness of disconnection, in separation, in lack. “You, me, them, I don’t have…, no, if only…, they shouldn’t…, I can’t…,” are expressions of this mentality.

Quantum physics—which deals with the basic building blocks of our world—provides us the vision that the universe is made up of interconnected energies manifested into observable matter. Quantum physics proposes that all living beings, including you and me, are composed of small packets of energy continuously swapping information within a boundless field of energy. This womb, from which our experiences spring, provides limitless frequencies and infinite possibilities. It means that every possible experience and physical object is, at its core, a wave function and that the road you drive on, a supportive relationship, a rotten smell, or a twister sweeping across the plains are energetic at their most basic form. Our reality can be thought of as a “slowed down” version of energy, and—hold on now—we can mold it with conscious choice.

The quantum concept of how our reality is constructed is gaining momentum in the 2020s, and it is challenging our world view. It is hard to fathom we are beings of energy and that the realities filling our day is nothing but waves condensed into concreteness that we can shift with intention. This new worldview is not unlike the past claim that the earth was round, not square, causing disbelief in many, and initially rejected and ridiculed by the majority. Separation at work. Today, we live on a round planet, and this provides an opportunity to offer a simple tool to help you tune into the quantum energies of abundance to shape your reality.

Say yes!

Yes! is a key to access the current of generosity from the universe. Allowing it to work on your behalf. Accepting its overflow. Yes! is filled with heart, intention, all of your visions fitted into an energy of permitting the universe to create on your behalf. When you say yes! you let go and allow the universe to form prosperity in your life.

Yes! shifts you from the separation and shortage mentality most of us have lived under. Yes! shifts you into a new gear, the universal gear that provides harmoniously and profusely, provided you tune into this frequency. With yes! you are in its flow, not outside of it, or next to it. You are one.

Yes and yes! are not the same. Yes is frequently non-discerning, an automatic reply, or filled with hidden resistance or resentment, a separator.

Yes! is powerful because words too are energetic at their core.

Wake up and say yes! Eat lunch and say yes! When you kiss your day goodnight say yes!

When you desire an experience, say yes! to it.

With yes! you leave doubts, fear, buts, questions, disconnection behind and put all of yourself into the flow you desire. Moment by moment, yes! by yes!, is how you access the universal abundance. Use the power of yes! as frequently as possible to shift your reality.

You are a pioneer living in and learning a new awareness of how unseen frequencies shape physical reality. You are a pioneer unlearning the restrictions that has held our world together.

Create abundance with yes!


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