Rafters: The Adventure Begins

children's adventure

This children’s adventure story, traditionally published in 1998, takes you on an enchanting journey with three friends and a magical raft. When Jack acquires a rubber raft from a mysterious old man who claims it is magic, he ignores the warning that it’s only good for one ride. The consequences of his actions lead them into a world of nightmares. Join Jack and his friends on an unforgettable adventure filled with magic, friendship, and valuable life lessons.


Discover exciting literary projects on the horizon, including a compelling memoir and an intriguing novel.


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(title and cover still to come)

In this completed memoir, I delve into my own life’s journey, starting with a desperate life situation and a severe medical diagnosis that led me to embark on a path of self-discovery. With raw honesty, I explore the impact of relationships, self-identity, and motherhood while facing my greatest challenges. Stay tuned for its release.


(title and cover still to come)

A thought-provoking novel featuring a gender-confused woman from Northern Jutland. Her life revolves around storytelling, but little do others know about the shocking secret she carries. Unravel the layers of her identity and immerse yourself in a tale that challenges perceptions and celebrates the power of authenticity. Stay tuned for updates on this compelling novel.


Discover the heartfelt responses from beta readers who have graciously delved into the pages of my upcoming memoir. Their words of encouragement and emotional resonance for the authenticity of my journey have been a source of inspiration throughout the writing process. Their feedback has affirmed the power of storytelling and the importance of sharing the triumphs and struggles that shape our lives. I am immensely grateful for their valuable input.

Anette's story is an empowering example of what we can overcome when we redefine what true healing and living means.

Amy B Scher

award-winning and bestselling author of four books that have been translated into 20 languages, including her memoir This Is How I Save My Life and the How to Heal series.

Anette Nilsson's (title) is a must-read, brilliantly written memoir that demystifies the connection between the soul and physical healing. Her harrowing journey will leave an indelible mark on your own soul. From cover to cover, I couldn't put it down.

Kiersten Hathcock

author of Little Voices: How Kids in Spirit Helped a Reluctant Medium Escape and Heal from Abuse and co-Founder of The National Institute for Law and Justice

I believe that the strength of this work (title) is your presence, your voice, your honesty, and your wisdom. You're a gifted writer who has been to the edge and lived to tell about it. Reading your memoir is like reading a novel of courage and survival.

Bonnie Hearn Hill

author of sixteen novels and four nonfiction books. Her articles on writing have appeared in Publishers Weekly, The Writer, Writer’s Digest, and other publications.

With penetrating candor and searing insight, Anette Nilsson, a gifted writer, explores her profound experience of self-denial, illness, loss and grief as an entry point into understanding the breakdown of her own life and body. Unprocessed trauma and unspoken truth can only be ignored for so long. Eventually, all will rise to the surface. (Title) is a raw and real read through Nilsson’s journey of being broken open to uncover the ways in which truth heals and love and forgiveness can be received.  

Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley

author of The Gift of Crisis and The Visioneers’ Handbook

It was riveting reading your work.

Joseph C.

Truly amazing story! You caught my attention in the first paragraph. Very strong message! It was very positive, the emotions after the book. Really a great story. Essence of life. Feeling good. The sun shines-feeling. Amazing story.

Rauni S.

It is really good, oh so good, what a story. I loved it. It carried me even when it was excruciating. It’s got energy... a page-turner. Compelling. It is so human. I love your writing. Very original.

Annie B.

(Title) left me breathless! I cried, I screamed, I was furious and eventually drained of emotions. I felt everything Nette felt so strongly. I love (Character X), she stole my heart. I am practically in love with her and the scene where she was …, it brought me to tears. I have many favorite passages but this one stood out - 'One must leave the door open for Grace. To have her appear, just like that. She doesn’t do breaking and entering.' This was beautifully worded! Other people will want to read this book, too.

T. C. Pascal

Your writing is so compelling. You’re very good at writing description and finding just the right details so that the reader feels they are seeing exactly what or who you’re describing. And your story, in particular, had so many wonderful nuances and passages with beautiful writing which often led me to tears. I found this to be an inspiring story that often had me wanting to applaud as you stubbornly refused to give up on getting your health and your daughter back. I think many will benefit from your story! I felt as if I'd just been given a huge blessing in reading your truth. I'm always drawn to people who are true. What an inspiring story."

Deb R.

I can definitely say that you have a great book on your hands! I found it to be very thought-provoking and I was definitely able to identify with the main character Nette….. Talk about being surprised.

Tina L.

I loved it. When I had five minutes, I brought it to the toilet with me. Your story inspired me, cuz’ ‘Holy Shit.’ … loved Nette because 'she woke up' and realized her soul was unhappy – resonated with me and in my own life. Reading (Title) showed me we are more powerful than we ever thought possible.

Theresa C.

I was so moved at the end of the book that I cried.
After the end of each chapter, I was eager to find out what was next...
I thoroughly enjoyed reading (title).

Jodi B

Reading this memoir (title) made me reflect on my own life, giving me insights like "Oh, that’s why I acted like that back then"… it has helped me realize how we can set ourselves free. I couldn’t put this book down.

Heidi B.