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As an advocate of self-development and holistic living, I am committed to inspiring you on your journey toward a more balanced, authentic, and joyful life. Explore the transformative power of these services and take a step closer to embracing the abundant potential within you.

Authentic Listening Sessions

Experience genuine and compassionate listening in a safe, judgment-free space, where your thoughts and feelings are heard.

heart-based books & blog

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking and soulful books, and explore an inspiring blog filled with insights and wisdom for personal growth and transformation.

Explore Your Path To PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION And Authentic Connection​

Through my own journey of overcoming severe illness and personal struggles, I’ve gained valuable wisdom and insights into the power of healing and self-development. Now, I’m here to share these tools and resources with you. Whether you’re seeking authentic listening sessions or healthy lifestyle inspiration, take a step toward personal growth and transformation.

Authentic listening sessions

Connect and be heard

Cost: Sliding Scale

In our fast-paced and digitally connected world, genuine connections have become increasingly rare. As a skilled listener and compassionate individual, I offer Authentic Listening Sessions where you can share your thoughts, emotions, and struggles without fear of judgment. These sessions provide a safe and confidential space for you to be heard, helping you navigate through life’s challenges with a renewed sense of clarity and empowerment. Whether you seek to express your joys, share your sorrows, or explore your innermost thoughts, I am here to listen with an open heart. Through this profound act of authentic listening, healing unfolds, and you can discover a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. 

Reach out today to schedule your 45-minute session and experience the transformative power of genuine human connection. Sessions are completely confidential and can be done via Zoom video or audio-only if you prefer.

“The beauty of listening is that those who are listened to start feeling accepted, start taking their words more seriously and discovering their own true selves.” – Henri Nouwen –

What my clients are saying

Read what my clients and community are saying about their transformative experiences, finding solace, and embracing positive change through authentic listening sessions.

In Anette’s presence, I feel seen, heard, understood, and loved for who I am. With life’s many changes, at times I feel stuck, frustrated, and confused, but spending time with Anette gives me a new energy boost for life and all the things going on. I don’t feel alone when in her company because I sense all of her soul. I am so thankful for having met her. Anette is a heart-person, who is always honest and direct, and that means a lot to me. From day one, I’ve felt that she cheers me on, I feel her support and love, even when we don’t spend time together. Anette is an individual with so much love inside, and for this reason she has my highest recommendation.  

Tenna R

In 2020, I crossed paths with Anette in an online writer's group, and our connection was immediate. Despite the physical distance between us, Anette embraced me wholeheartedly. During a challenging period in my life, battling depression and loneliness, I found solace in sharing my story with Anette. Her genuine concern and attentive listening allowed me to open up more freely. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, she would patiently listen and offer wise words of comfort, giving me reasons to hold on. Anette's unwavering dedication to helping others without judgment left me in awe. Even now, we continue to share our conversations, and life has improved significantly. I trust Anette implicitly, and her belief in me, despite societal biases and differences, has been transformative. My story would not be complete without Anette's invaluable presence and support.

Trey Pascal

Anetta and I met in an online writer’s group in 2020, and we clicked instantly.  Although Anetta and I were worlds apart that didn’t stop her from embracing me.

That period was a tough time in my life – I was battling with depression. I was lonely and life was becoming burdensome. I found I could talk to Anetta, so I started sharing my story with her. I could not help it, she would always ask how I’m doing. It was easier to open up to her because we were worlds apart.

Sometimes, I would cry over the phone and Anetta would listen and somehow manage to pacify me and give me reasons to hold on. Even when I’m at the edge, Anetta would always have a wise word for me.

I am in awe of her zeal to help people and to listen to their problems without judgement. And I also find that after our conversations she seems to always have the right words for me. This was back in 2020 and up until today Anetta and I still talk. Life is a whole lot better for me now but I still share my problems with Anetta, I know I can trust her.

If Anetta can trust a nobody from Nigeria even when she was warned that I might be a yahoo boy disguising as a girl. Anetta can help anyone. She did not let my country’s unflattering image or race deter her. She believed in me and understood my plight and was always willing to listen. She took a chance on a lonely girl in a faraway land, and today my story cannot be written without Anetta.

We all have a point in life, a so-called milestone where things turn around. Anette is such a point for me. Anette is a person who spends all her waking hours trying to lead the best life possible. I met her by chance several years ago and have been able to benefit from her experience. I wonder where I’d be now if we hadn’t met. I feel very lucky that we did.

Tom H

Anette Nilsson is a wonderful person to talk to. She always listens intently and with interest, but also has a knack for asking questions and saying things that plant seeds and shake things up. Very rewarding.
Thank you Anette for everything you contribute. You always listen intently and with interest when we have conversations. Your ability to say things that plant seeds in me and ask questions that inspire me is so rewarding. Thank you, Anette.

Mette G

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a dietician. The information provided is based on my personal experience. Any recommendations about training, nutrition, supplements, or lifestyle should be discussed with your doctor. Please take full responsibility for your health and well-being. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.