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My author’s journey: how life’s unexpected twists led me back to my childhood dream

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My author’s journey started in 1998 when “You got mail!” was as hot as technology got. My children’s adventure book, Rafters: The Adventure Begins, was published, and a captivating manuscript and a contract signature was all my new author status demanded. An agreement was in place with the publisher for a sequel, possibly a trilogy, and I was right where I wanted to be as a traditionally published author.

But life had its own plot twist. My authorship was abruptly forced into a prolonged hiatus, and I had a lot of living, learning, and healing ahead of me. But I didn’t give up on my writing dream.

Fast forward to today, where the stories have found their way back to the surface. For the past few years, I’ve been crafting a memoir—a canvas where I paint the hues of life’s trials, joys, and the unexpected. It’s a creation I hold close to my heart, and it’s also garnered nods of approval from early readers. Here’s a snippet of their feedback:

Anette Nilsson’s (title) is a must-read, brilliantly written memoir that demystifies the connection between the soul and physical healing. Her harrowing journey will leave an indelible mark on your own soul. From cover to cover, I couldn’t put it down.

 – Kiersten Hathcock, author of Little Voices: How Kids in Spirit Helped a Reluctant Medium Escape and Heal from Abuse
and co-Founder of The National Institute for Law and Justice –


I loved it. When I had five minutes, I brought it to the toilet with me. Your story inspired me, cuz’ ‘Holy Shit.’ … loved Nette because ‘she woke up’ and realized her soul was unhappy – resonated with me and in my own life. Reading (Title) showed me we are more powerful than we ever thought possible.

– Theresa C. –

But that’s not all. A novel is taking shape, one that delves into the complexities of a gender-confused woman navigating life’s uncertainties. It’s a dive into social realism, a genre that beckons me forward, urging me to explore the stories that matter.

An author’s realm now extends into the world of social media—a place where stories are shared, connections are made, and authorship takes on a new dimension. This is more than a requirement of the times; it’s an opportunity to connect and embark on an exciting journey together.

I invite you to join me in this new adventure of words, stories, inspiration, and connection.

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